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Adult Editing and Creative Support

A Young Man with a Notebook


Whether you've written a short story, poem, or an artist statement I will edit your work with a keen eye on grammar, voice, message and other areas you're pushing to improve. Suggestions will be conducted on google doc then final edits made live together via 30 min-1 hour zoom. Visual artists are asked to provide digital catalog of work encompassing statement. Writers will provide goals for their piece. We will have your work submit-ready and I'll provide 3-5 more suggested places I think fall in line with your work.

$32/hour Google Doc traced editing and zoom

Paid via Venmo

Long Format

Have you completed a fiction, non-fiction, or poetry (chapbook or full-length) manuscript but don't know what to do next? I will read for full editing spectrum and your personal goals. You'll be prodived with full comments and edits via live google document. Depending on length of your piece we can meet 2x for 30 minute consultation workshop & final approvals via zoom. Deadlines will be met and colaboration is important. 

.05/word and 1 hour zoom included in final fee

Paid via Venmo


B.F.A in Creative Writing from Pratt Institute. Over four years college level tutoring, includes artitists' statement, composition, comprehension, ESL, and revision. Two years of high school English tutoring, includes literacy, creative and essay  writing, general test and SAT prep. Current TA for Community Literature Initiative, two years as fellow fiction workshop participant, Lead Editor for Twenty Bellows Literary Magazine.

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One-Time Editing: $32/hour. Tracked editing and zoom meeting for approvals. Artists statements: include link to website or folder with images of collection.

Long-Format Editing: $.05/word. Collaborative tracked editing. One 30 minute zoom for progress/consultation and one 30 minute zoom for final approval included in final fee.

Billed via Venmo

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