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Surviving Peter Pan is a poetry collection with a deep red ink stain of "reclamation" branded upon the classic Peter Pan tale by J.M Barrie. Told from the perspective of the inhabitants (particularly women) of Neverland overcoming the trials of loving a narcissist (Peter Pan). By examining the bittersweetness of motherhood, womanhood, childhood, and the relationships between families, fantasies, and healing, Surviving Peter Pan holds your inner child in open palms while lighitng it on fire. It shines on your pain while sprinkling a little fairy dust on your soul. The collection is so unexpected, you'll never look at growing up the same again.

This poetic project was completed through Community Literature Initiative as a TA in the Fall 2023 and won the Winter 2023 Chapbook contset with Beyond The Veil Press.

Signed copies available through my Etsy Store or buy from Amazon.

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Brief & Bleeding Margins is the rawest glimpse into my personal journey. “Brief” in the sense that readers take in smatterings of me through short autobiographical prose that acts as titles, taking the current trend of long titles and turning it up to 12. These expository titles bear witness to the sentiments that unfold within the collection: politics (BLOODY POLITICS), my emergence between girlhood-womanhood (EMERGING, BRIEFLY), my complicated but honest take on the pain and beauty of motherhood (MOTHER’S BLOOD), and finally the experience healing through the creative process (BRIEF META-POESY).  “Bloody” in the sense that I allowed myself to be literal—as a woman: I bleed, and my existence holds that truth to be self-evident. It speaks to the truth that we all bleed, scab, heal, then bleed again…and again. Brief & Bleeding Margins is for the hurt and healing of the world, because we are, after all, just the marks in the margins—the scratches as swirls we make when trying to make our pen work again.

Brief & Bleeding Margins is available World Stage Press.

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Emily Warren Roebling stepped into the role of Chief Engineer de Facto to complete the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in the late 1880's. This remarkable feat impacted the story of STEM with resilience and triumph. But it's the intersectionality of feminism, racism, and the role of women in society that etches the ethos of Emily Roebling's life.

Bridging the Gap: Poems & Ethos for Emily Warren Roebling is filled with history, humor, sadness, and science. It builds on facts--intertwining stories from an era long gone but still ringing true today. Bridging the Gap is about the sacrifices women make in the face of motherhood, professional livelihood, marriage, and the will to make progress on all fronts. The story of Emily Roebling spans across these pages, but more importantly, these poems bridge the gap between the struggles and victories women continue to forge through every decade since. This collection also crosses into the construction of my own story and my efforts to balance my dreams with professional survival and motherhood. 


Bridging The Gap is​available for presale through Finishing Line Press . Full release February 2024.

My Ghost Still Carries a Rooster in “Bridging The Gap Poems & Ethos for Emily Warren Roebling by Marissa Forbes Sound by Kamauu

My Ghost Still Carries a Rooster in “Bridging The Gap Poems & Ethos for Emily Warren Roebling by Marissa Forbes Sound by Kamauu



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Edited by: James P. Stuart, Marissa Forbes, Asha Grebenik, and Michael Kreger

In this debut anthology, we have brought together more than forty literary voices, representative of the spirit and experience of Colorado. Through their words, we have reimagined the character and make-up of the Modern West. This is a collection free from stereotypes and expectations. Moreover, it is an equitable showcase, featuring both newcomers and established talent.

Featuring fiction, non-fiction, essay, poetry, and visual art from every corner of our home state, We are the West: A Colorado Anthology is an exciting introduction to the next generation of diverse storytelling and a continuance of a tradition that began thousands of years ago.

You can purchase "We Are The West" through Twenty Bellows.


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Edited by: James P. Stuart, Marissa Forbes, Asha Grebenik, Abigail Byrd-Stapleton, & Kevin Foote

It starts high in the Rocky Mountains. Meltwater joins runoff, joins stream, and a journey begins. The most thunderous rivers are fed by the collective whispers of a million rivulets. So, too, is the Story of the West formed – the voices of many become one. We are all Tributaries.


We are the West: Tributaries is the second annual anthology from Twenty Bellows, bringing together more than fifty writers, poets, and artists from across Colorado and Wyoming. Within these pages, we have collected voices as diverse as the land itself.


Featuring fiction, nonfiction, essay, poetry, and visual art from a wide range of voices, We are the West: Tributaries showcases the best of the Modern West, opening the floodgates to a new generation of creatives waiting to be heard.

You can purchase "Tributaries" anthology through Twenty Bellows.


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     Marissa Forbes is a writer, teacher, and mother. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2008 and between 2008-2011, wrote & directed three one-act philosophical comedies for Off-Broadway, published several poems & short stories in online and print literary journals, and co-founded Brooklyn REPUBLIC--an art and charity collective that still thrives. Then she became a mother.

     After nearly a decade focusing solely on motherhood, teaching art & preschool, and working in various organizations in the nonprofit sector, she began writing again in 2020.

     Marissa has since published nearly 20 pieces internationally and was

awarded an Author Fellowship from Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing. She is the Managing Editor for Twenty Bellows Literary Magazine and a Teacher for the Community Literature Intiative.

     Her full length collection Bridging the Gap: Poems & Ethos for Emily Warren Roebling is  available for through Finishing Line Press, her chapbook Surviving Peter Pan is available through Beyond The Veil Press. Her second full length collection Brief & Bleeding Margins is available now through World Stage Press. Marissa lives in Denver Colorado with her two kids, cat, and dog. She continues to curate her life as she sees fit. 


Marissa Forbes (formally Isch)

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